1. Student will be resticated from school if he remains absent for continious three days without prior notice or leave application. Re admission Fee would be Rs. 100.

2. Minimum required attendance of a student is 90%. Failing to attend school with more then 90% attendance student will be barred from appearing in half yearly and final examinations and will be rusticated from school.

3. It is mandatory for a student to attend school on national festivals, else he will be rusticated from school. Re admission Fee would be Rs. 100.

4. Leave application genuinely signed by parents or guardians should reach the class teacher on or at least one day before the leave starts. Failing to do so student will be fined Rs. 10 per day as punishment.

5. Any indiscipline from student will not be tolerated and will be rusticated from school.

6. Student is advised to arrive school in proper uniform else he or she will be returned back to home.

7. Students are advised to bring nutritional lunch with him and his name should be written on tiffin box.

8. For any problems or issues please contact class teacher, department head or principal.

9. Carrying expensive items like mobile phones, jewellery, ipods, video games etc. is strictly prohibited in the school. There is a provision of strong punishment if a mobile or any electronic gadget is found with the student.

10. Rules related to hostel are mentioned in hostel rule book.